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The Latin American and Iberian Studies (LAIS) Themed Option of the Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies Program at the University of British Columbia Okanagan offers students dynamic course- and research-based Master of Arts (MA) and Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) degrees in an intimate learning environment. The MA IGS degree in LAIS emphasizes a breadth of knowledge in the form of course work, language mastery, and production of original, publishable research. The PhD IGS degree in LAIS provides the necessary preparation for an academic career in the field.

The LAIS theme tailors coursework to develop a critical research agenda across several disciplines. Departments contributing to the LAIS theme include anthropology, art history, comparative literature, history, indigenous studies, linguistics, geography, political science, film, cultural studies, and sociology.

Applying to the program The standard start time is in September, however, students may enroll in January or May if circumstances warrant. For full consideration, students should adhere to the guidelines on the College of Graduate Studies website. Late applications will be accepted at the discretion of the College of Graduate Studies and the IGS Program.

Students applying for LAIS graduate study, must indicate the LAIS graduate theme on the application form. Students must also choose a core LAIS faculty member as a supervisor.

Core Program:

The MA in the LAIS theme requires at least 6 credits in method courses, and at least 6 credits in topic courses. It is recommended that out of the minimum of 18 credits required for the MA 3 credits be taken in seminar courses.

The PhD IGS LAIS theme requires at least 3 credits in method courses, and at least 9 credits in topic courses.

Method Courses

Methods Course Options include:

  • IGS 501 (Interdisciplinary Research Methods)
  • IGS 509 (Directed Studies in Interdisciplinary Research Methods)
  • IGS 515 (Advanced Qualitative Methods)
  • IGS 601 (Advanced Topics in Research Methods and Analysis)
With the approval of the IGS Director in the College of Graduate Studies non IGS courses may be approved to meet Methods Course requirements.

Topic Courses

  • IGS 520 (Special Topics in Interdisciplinary Studies)
  • IGS 560 (Special Topics in Latin American Studies)
  • IGS 561 (Directed Studies in Latin American Studies)
  • IGS 620 (Advanced Topics in Interdisciplinary Studies)

With the approval of the IGS Director in the College of Graduate Studies non IGS courses may be approved to meet Topics Course requirements. Other IGS courses, through suggestions of the Supervisor and approval of the Theme Committee may be used to meet the LAIS requirements.

Individual supervisors will ensure that the student will be directed to the specific courses offered as part of the themed option each year that meet the expectations of graduation within the theme.

Latin American and Iberian Studies themed option in Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies is a collaboration between the Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences and the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies.

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For more information:

Please contact Jim Rochlin, Director of Latin American Studies. Before applying, students should contact potential research supervisors directly, as admission to the program requires the support of a faculty supervisor as well as meeting program-specific criteria for program admission.

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