Latin American Studies Photo credit: Adam Jones

About Us

Latin American Studies (LAS) is a new and interdisciplinary BA program offered at UBC's Okanagan campus. The strength LAS has is the wide range of choices offered to students in terms of departments and courses, the fascinating subject matter, and an array of superb professors who are conducting cutting edge research in a variety of fields.

The LAS program involves courses from an assortment of departments, including anthropology, history, indigenous studies, political science, Spanish and sociology. This interdisciplinary approach provides students with a rich panorama of perspectives, and opens many doors of inquiry that a single department could not provide. Students can focus their studies on concentrated areas or select a varied survey of courses.

The LAS program provides a solid foundation for diverse career and academic options, such as international law, international business and politics, foreign service, international NGO work, media and communication, and most discipline-based arts and professional graduate programs.


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